Sharing God's Love with our Community & the world

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Love Alive is New Hope responding and meeting needs in our community and across the world. In every serve opportunity we hope the love of Christ is alive in every relationship encounter.

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Everyday, Love Alive
We hope that everyone opens themselves to God to serve Him in their everyday lives at work, school, community, friendships, recreation and more.

In our Community
We hope to make a difference in our community. New Hope is committed to responding to the needs of our community and investing hands and resources to make a difference.

Across the World
New Hope invests in various regions of the world providing resources and serve teams to improve their quality of life and to share the hope of Christ.

Everyone Serving in Love Alive Projects
This church is a serving church. We desire to equip more people to serve and allow the power of God's love to be shared locally and globally.

If you would like more information on Love Alive / Serve opportunities, please contact Randy Spacht / Pastor of Missional Discipleship by EMAIL or call 317.888.4673.


loving our community

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Community Serve Projects

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Support, Ministry & Training

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For the Swahili Community

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School Supplies & Resources

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Summer VBS Scholarships

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Caring for Refugees in South Indy


loving across the world

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School Tutoring Programs

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For the Myanmar Community

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Community Outreach


I want to Serve

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